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MIC80 TFTPServer program for Windows


Click on the link to download the MIC80 TFTPServer program for Windows. The TFTPServer program can be used as a TFTP server for the MIC80 project. The base MIC80 CPM disk image includes the "GET.COM" program to download files to the MIC80 system and the "PUT.COM" program to upload files to the TFTP server.

To install the server simply create an empty folder and place the supplied TFTPServer.exe file into the new folder. When the program is started set the root path for the TFTP server and any other displayed options. Once the options are set start the server by pressing the "Start Server" button. The program options are saved when the program is closed.

Warning: TFTP servers are not secure. Stop the TFTP server when it is not required. Do not allow unsecured Internet access to the TFTP server.

Last Updated on Saturday, 29 January 2011 17:20