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Mini80 General
This catergory provides general information about the Mini80 Z80 based CPM 2.2 computer project.

Mini80 Overview

This article introduces the Min80 project. The Mini80 project is a Zilog Z80 based CPM 2.2 computer. All the computer peripherals are emulated using a Parallax Propeller chip. The Propeller chip is used to provide a boot loader for the Z80 CPU, four CPM disk drives (uses SD card), 3 COM ports (2 are 4 wire, 1 is 2 Wire) and read access to the root folder of the files stored on the SD card. The two main constraints for the project where; a real Z80 CPU (no emulation), and keep the project as simple as possible. The first prototype uses the PropTerm project as the system terminal.
Last Updated on Sunday, 11 December 2016 10:26