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BDOS System Services


The System Services provide a program with the ability to terminate and resart CPM as well as check the version of the CPM operating system.

Function 0: System Reset
Entry C 00H
Return (none)

The System Reset function returns control to the CP/M operating system at the CCP level. The CCP reinitializes the disk subsystem by selecting and logging-in disk drive A. This function has exactly the same effect as a jump to location BOOT.


Function 12: Return Version Number
Entry C 0CH
Return HL Version Number

Function 12 provides information that allows version independent programming. A two-byte value is returned, with H = 00 designating the CP/M release (H = 01 for MP/M) and L = 00 for all releases previous to 2.0. CP/M 2.0 returns a hexadecimal 20 in register L, with subsequent version 2 releases in the hexadecimal range 21, 22, through 2F. Using Function 12, for example, the user can write application programs that provide both sequential and random access functions.

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