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First release of MIC80 source code


This MIC80 full source code zip file contains the project and source files required to compile the MIC80 project. The first PC board for the MIC80 project is under development at the time of this release so the project requires the Zilog development board to run the project. The project when compiled will produce a 32 bit hex file, "ez80-cpm.hex". You then use the Zilog SPF flash program to load the hex file into the EZ80 internal flash memory. 

The read only A disk image for CPM is also provided as a 32 bit hex file. The disk image file "EZ80CPM.HEX" must be flashed into the external one megabyte flash memory on the SBC using the Zilog SPF flash program. Both file can be flashed to the EZ80 SBC at the same time. If you modify the source code only the  "ez80-cpm.hex" file needs to be flashed to the EZ80 internal memory. The CPM disk image used for drive "A" was produced using the Z80Emu program.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 05 May 2009 06:42