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Third Release of ForthTerm Program

This release of the ForthTerm terminal program is version 2.1. The update fixes the windows COM port section problem in ForhTerm version 2.0. COM port number greater then 8 now work. A COM port selection dialog has been added to the com port settings that allows the selection of a com port from a list of com ports available on the windows computer. The list of com ports will update when USB com port devices are added or removed from the computer. The upload and download function now work over a TCP connection. If the forth system has a W5100 or W5200 ethernet device you can now update and control the MV4th16 system over a TCP connection. See the Forth examples included with MV4th16 download. 
The update to ForthTerm version 2.1 can be downloaded here; ForthTerm version 2.1. The download is a zip file that contains a Windows setup file. Extract/copy the setup file from the zip file and execute it. Follow the instructions provided by the setup program.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 27 November 2012 10:44