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Fifth Release of MV4th16 version 0.94

This download is for MV4th16 version 0.94, fifth release. There are a number of changes to the project since version 0.93. Most significantly; optional SD-Card support for Forth block device,  Forth words implemented in secondary COGS that use the COG-EX Forth word runs up to 50% faster, a complete rewrite of Forth block words, EEPROM block read speed using an I2C bit rate of 1Mbps is now over 100,000 Bps, and improved I2C support that includes setting the I2C buss bit rate from 10Kbs to 1Mbs.

A number of bugs fixes and enhancements to the example source and base I/O code are included in this update. 

The update can be found here; Update for MV4th16 version 0.94 The download is a zip file that contains all the source files to build MV4th16 using the Parallax Propeller Chip IDE. The project was built using version 1.32 of the Parallax Spin IDE.
To build the MV4th16 project:
1) Create a folder under your Parallax IDE projects folder or examples folder.
2) Unzip the contents of the download zip file into the new folder.
3) In the Spin IDE select the new folder in the tree view and select the file MV4thDemo.spin as the Top Object.
4) Configure the project options to match your target hardware.
    (See the article Configure MV4th16 ver 0.94 and Higher for information on hardware configuration settings.)
5) Build the project then download to your propeller development board (press control F8).
6) Connect a serial terminal and configure it to use the same com port as your Prop Plug.
7) Set the baud rate to 115200, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, and no parity.
8) Reset the propeller chip, after a few seconds the MV4th16 sign-on message should appear.
NOTE: When using SD-Card block device support the Fast Find forth code is always available and does not require an extra COG to run on. If the target system is using an EEPROM for the block device Fast Find works the same as before. See the article Speeding Up MV4th16 Compiler for more information about the Fast Find.
To enable the Fast Find functionality when using the SD Card I/O driver use the following code:
To disable Fast Find functionality use the following code:
' (find) IS FIND
Simple code to replace original Fast Find Forth code:
: (ff-find) LATEST @ #25 SYSTEM ;  \ forth word to execute fast find in another COG
: FF-RUN ['] (ff-find) IS FIND ;  \ enable fast find
: FF-STOP ['] (find) IS FIND ;   \ disable fast find and use default FIND word
See the article Configure MV4th16 ver 0.94 and Higher for more information on using an SD-Card as the Forth block device.
The new version of ForthTerm now uses a much faster protocol to upload and download blocks to the target forth device. See the article Sixth Release of ForthTerm ver. 2.3 (Newest) for more information.
Last Updated on Monday, 20 July 2015 11:29