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Z80Emu Program 100409 Release


Download Z80Emu Program. This is the third release of the Z80Emu Z80/CPM80 emulator program. All the required files are provided in the download.  See the Z80Emu Getting Started article for more information about the program.

Changes in this release;


CRT Display;

  1. Added option to change font face and size for CRT display.

TTY Display;

  1. Added option to change font face and size for TTY display.
  2. Added option to change font, background and cursor colors for TTY display.
  3. Added option to change number of displayed rows for TTY display.

Disk Server:

  1. Added option to change the IP port used by the disk server.

 Text Viewer:

  1. Text viewer will properly scroll to the top of a newly loaded document.
  2. Text viewer window will restore to a normal view if it was minimized and a document is loaded.
  3. "F3" key now performs the search next function.
  4. "Ctrl-F" key move the cursor to the search text edit field.


Last Updated on Sunday, 01 September 2013 11:52